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C² Create Change Course

Transform your passion for social justice into a radical program design in 6 weeks and create exponential change! C² Create Change is an online course I developed to help creatives use art and education to turn their passion for social justice into a radical program design so they can transform society. Visit my Course page to learn more or click below:

Welcome to A4Abolitionist

Hello! I’m Christina Dawkins, and I founded A4Abolitionist to advance human rights through combatting forms of modern-day slavery and collaborating with creatives and educators to build social justice programs that promote radical change in our society. I’ve created multiple programs, talks and courses that address issues like prison abolition and human trafficking. For over 10 years, I have been collaborating with organizations like Creative Time and Columbia University to produce successful and sustainable programs for campuses, prisons and communities.

A bit about me

Delivered dozens of talks, trainings and workshops on human rights and the fight for abolition



Developed programming to combat the prison industrial complex that operate in prisons and jails; with men, women and juveniles; and at the county, state and federal levels

10+ years of experience in academia



M.A. in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University

Completed a 2-year conservatory program in acting at the William Esper Studio.



My projects often utilize theatre, poetry, visual arts, and film.

Founded the Abolition Project, a non-profit organization that produces collaborative art and education projects to combat modern-day slavery. 



Shared my experience at conferences and convenings across the U.S., the U.K and South Africa.

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–Richard Roderick, Program Coordinator for the Justice-in-Education Initiative

There is a delicate balance a supervisor must walk when supervising. You have to be a leader, yet open to suggestions and willing to set the example. You have to be an educator without making people feel unintelligent. One must also be a motivator without being an authoritarian. I watched Christina over the two years of working under her apply this balancing act successfully among a diverse group of people. She flowed seamlessly between academia, departments of corrections, and community organizations to launch and maintain the moving parts of the Justice-in-Education Initiative. Working with Christina was more than a learning experience, she helped me to grow professionally and as person, this is why I count her as a colleague and a friend.

–Richard Roderick, Program Coordinator for the Justice-in-Education Initiative
–Phil Collins, Visual Artist and Filmmaker

Working with Christina on Bring Down The Walls, a large-scale public art project in New York City which addressed mass incarceration from the perspective of prison abolition and house music, was an honour and one of the highlights of my practice over the last few years. Christina’s involvement brought to the table a wellspring of ideas, inspiring conversations, intellectual rigour, unwavering passion, and profound care for real changes in an unjust system which, ultimately, imprisons us all. She has an unmatched sensitivity in hosting and debating with a wide range of participants from different communities and backgrounds, and a deep-seated commitment to diverse research and scholarship on this pressing, urgent issue. I very much look forward to our continued dialogue and exchange.

–Phil Collins, Visual Artist and Filmmaker
–Alyssa Nitchun, Independent global consultant on art, design, and culture

“Getting the chance to meet and to work with Christina was truly one of the biggest highlights of my last few months at Creative Time. I learned so much and we never could have accomplished Bring Down The Walls without her. Her wide ranging knowledge, thoughtfulness and passion are an inspiration.”

–Alyssa Nitchun, Independent global consultant on art, design, and culture
–Mia Ruyter, Education, Outreach, and Communications Specialist

Christina gets things done! She is entrepreneurial, a team player, and a deeply ethical person. She was a founding member of the Justice-in-Education Initiative, bringing educational programming to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people. She was a key person is establishing this successful program, working with people from offices within Columbia University by bridging the communications and facilitating the collaboration.

–Mia Ruyter, Education, Outreach, and Communications Specialist
–Shannon Boley and Charlotte Zelle, Harvard Divinity School candidates

As an educator and artist, she has inspired the two of us, along with countless others, with her radical authenticity and groundedness both in her community and in herself…Seeing Christina being authentically herself has empowered both of us to see ourselves as leaders, especially in spaces where we do not see our full, intersectional selves represented.

–Shannon Boley and Charlotte Zelle, Harvard Divinity School candidates
–Gabrielle Greer, Operations Assistant at Memory Care Home Solutions

Christina is an innovative, inclusive, and vibrant visionary. While working with her at Columbia University, I had the privilege to collaborate with her when teaching a Shakespeare course for all-women classes at Riker’s prison. Her openness and willingness to discuss a curriculum that would best-suit the women, made for a great collaboration and better experience for those involved in the course. Her exceptional goal-setting skills, ability to communicate and guide meaningful conversations, and her human-centered spirit, made working with Christina something I will never forget.

–Gabrielle Greer, Operations Assistant at Memory Care Home Solutions
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